Shenzhen Metro Line 6

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The Shenzhen Metro Line 6 and Line 10 were officially opened On August 18.

The interior decoration of the Shenzhen Metro Line 6 station is designed by the Shenzhen Municipal Institute. The overall purpose is to create a fashionable, technological, and high-end subway image. This time, PIVOT conducted fierce bidding, and finally got the opportunity to participate in the decoration of Shenzhen Metro Line 6. Our product perfectly present the designer’s inspiration and ideas, so we have been recognized by designers.

Project:Shenzhen Metro Line 6

Architect:Shenzhen Municipal Institute

Product:i-Bond® White metal panel

Application are:80000+㎡

In the past one decade, PIVOT accomplish dozens of decoration works for public transportation projects, including underground station, inter-city train station and airport. We provide high-quality and efficient product solution for our customers with high-level technical and sales service. In this progress, we get rich project fulfillment experience and make our brand win high recognition from our customers.

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