Why Have Aluminum Prices Risen Sharply In Recent Months?

2021-10-18 19:01  VIEW : 534

According to September data from the London Metal Exchange, the price of aluminum once reached US$3,000 per ton, the highest level since July 2008. On the same day, the main price of Shanghai aluminum on the Shanghai Stock Exchange reached 23,895 per ton, the highest price in 15 years.


The "dual control of energy consumption" has been upgraded, the output of metal aluminum has been tightened, and the market’s expectations for aluminum prices have further strengthened, and aluminum prices have entered the fast lane. New energy vehicles are becoming the main driving force for the explosive growth in demand for power battery-grade aluminum foil. The vigorous development of the new energy industry has driven the explosive growth of power batteries, and has also brought a steady stream of orders to the aluminum processing industry.


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