A few tips for Construction drawing

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What is the most “standard” construction draw looking like? How to evalue it? It is always a pain point for architects or interior designers to generate a so-called "standard" draw set for the construction party(mostly contractors), and there are always many miscommunications between 3 parties: designers, contractors and materials suppliers, miscommunications means low effeciency, means repeat works and waste of time.

At Pivot’s new web tool “pivotdesigner.com”, the construction draw deepening function part, is the most valuable part for construction desgin team, the implement engnieers could find the related products details according to the specified product(which has complete by the FF&E or main concept team), each products’ sizes, modulus joints node draws...What’s more, at the same page of the products, similar products node will also showed as alternatives, when implement engnieers find some discrepancies of the desgins, they could also make recommdations of other alternatives, and feedback to the concept/rendering team.

Pivot also providing different format of the products files, Revit, SU, 3D Max and CAD, contains varies parameters of the products. While at the product page, users could find more valued information, include the necessary accessories, price information ect.

There are also simplified information at products pages, to generate the most important features of each products, and make a most understandable description for user. However, if there are no apposite products files showed on related pages, the instant communication function could be used at that circumstance, simply input the description of requirement, general thoughts (could be a hand made sketch) of the joint node, Pivot service team will send back the corresponding detail draws back to the user. 


More information please visit www.pivotdesigner.com

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