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-by Jason Zhang

BANGKOK, the capital of Thailand, is located in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand. The internationally well-known tourist destination attracts tens of millions of travellers all around the world. Multi-faceted natural views, historical royal palace and temples, amazing ocean beach and friendly local people are the main impressions on visitors. But traffic Jam might be one of the few unpleasant.  Being stuck in the traffic congestion among the peak hour will cause you hours to reach the destination.


The good news is that the Thailand Government has planned MRT program across whole BANKGKOK city center to ease the traffic congestion. MRT YELLOWLINE is the latest effort as part of MRT monorail program. With total length 30.4 KM and totally 23 stations, MRT YELLOW LINE is very important project for the Thai Government to handle the traffic issue in Bangkok.

PIVOT has the honor to make the part of contribution by supplying Premium Quality IBOND Composite Product for the exterior and interior cladding of YELLOW LINE. The bidding for such important project requires not only the quality product, but also the credibility of the manufacturer, the professional planning of production and logistics as well as expertise on technical know-how as well as rich experience in handling large projects. You can expect all of those from PIVOT.

IBOND product, to make a difference for more amazing projects to come.


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