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Innovative Product Of Jiangsu Province.
The first manufacturer successfully develop durable and greenfilm laminated metal ceiling product in China, 18 patents owner.

Wooden Texture Metal Panel ( iCeiling® Patent Code :ZL 2010 20220203.9)  is an new environ-ment-friendly film — laminated product with metal panel as the base material and laminated with various film pattern on the surface. The traditional interior materials do not have rich color options and the color hue is very cold. But iCeiling® (Best Leader)  resolve this problem very well with novel design, bountiful pattern option,reasonable structure design, all which serve as unique advantages to replace other wood surface material.



  • BH-1004
  • BH-3007
  • BH-3129
  • BH-3179
  • BH-4002
  • BF-1006
  • BF-1009
  • BF-1108
  • BA-3031
  • BF-1005
  • BR-4043
  • BS-1020
  • BX-1015
  • BX-2017
  • BX-3018
  • BX-3182
  • BY-1001
  • BY-3001
  • BZ-4035
  • TE-3013
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