3 Reasons for The Color Difference of Aluminum Composite Panel

2021-08-19 23:09  VIEW : 928

Maybe the color difference of aluminum plastic plate in the production process is not very obvious, but in the later period, if we use such a product can be clearly found. What is the cause of the color difference?




1. Raw materials. The supplier is different. The difference of suppliers has a great influence on the control of color production. Almost all the raw materials of the paint factory come from different places. If different suppliers are required to prepare the same color, in fact, there are already differences in raw materials. Sometimes the same supplier also has the problem of differences in raw materials of different habit.


2. Equipment. Different coating equipment also has certain differences in the strength and brightness of the coating. Different strength and brightness have a great impact on the visual perception of the human eye.


3. Process. The difference in the production process of the product will inevitably cause the difference in the color of the product. For the current domestic aluminum composite panel manufacturers, it is very difficult to achieve the same process control conditions, so there must be certain color differences between different batches or even between the same batch.


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