Can aluminum veneer replace aluminum composite panel

2021-09-02 00:29  VIEW : 1289

The use of aluminum composite panel is very wide, but the family use will be less. Many families will use aluminum veneer as the main product for their home decoration. Can aluminum veneer be used instead of aluminum composite panel?


First of all, from the cost point of view, the price of aluminum composite panels is tens to hundreds of dollars per square meter, while the price of aluminum veneer is several times that of aluminum composite panels. Few customers can afford this high price.

Secondly, from the perspective of processing time, aluminum composite panels can be bought in the market at will, while aluminum veneers need to be ordered due to the complicated manufacturing process, so the waiting time is relatively long. This is not for customers who need urgently. Good thing.

Thirdly, from the perspective of installation difficulty, aluminum veneer cannot be cut on-site, which requires high accuracy and performance of construction drawings, while aluminum composite panels are the opposite, which will not cause rework and increase costs, so they are liked by many customers.

Finally, it is concluded that aluminum veneer will not replace aluminum-plastic panels.

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