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Solid Aluminum Sheet Professional solid Aluminum Sheet application technology supplier in China
iBond® aluminum panel is made of aluminum panel is treated with PVDF coating. It is mainly applied to building metal curtain wall, exterior wall decoration, metal roof metal ceiling, interior decoration. It features thermal insulation energy conservation, light weight, good resistance to weather, easy in processing, resistance to shock, good fireproof performance, easy maintenance and rich colors, as a cutting edge decorative sheet.
Product Structure
Product Raw Materials
Aluminum panel base material - Quality aluminum panel, mainly with grades at 1100 and 3003 Surface coating - PVDF
Product Specifications
Panel thickness: Generally 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm
Panel width: Up to 1500mm
Panel length: Up to 6000mm
Product Features
1. Resistance to weather: solid Aluminum sheet possesses superior durability, resistance to wear, resistance to UV radiation, resistance to oxidization and resistance to corrosion, and withstands harsh environments
2. Fireproofing: solid Aluminum sheet is excellent in fireproofing, possesses strong flame retardance and reaches the fireproofing standard Class A2
3 Easy processing: solid Aluminum sheet has high strength, light weight, superior ductability and diversified shapes. It is capable processed into all kinds of complicated shapes like plane and cambered surface, fully adaptive to decoration and designable.
4 Light weight: solid Aluminum sheet is lightweight, with less deadweight burden, convenient for installation thus shorten the construction time
5 Rich colors: the colors can meet diversified design requirements of architects
6 Resistance to soiling: Good resistance to soiling facilitates cleaning and maintenance

A:PVDF finishing coat
B:PVDF primer
C:Prepared aluminum panel(surface)

D:Aluminum base board

Solid Aluminum Sheet Professional solid Aluminum Sheet application technology supplier in China

Solid Aluminum sheet


Material selection

Material selection is controlled under strict technical specifications and the manufacturer provides quality assurance.                 

Technical specifications are comparatively absent and all kinds of accessories are much random.


The metal material supervision industry has grown mature, with industrial standards and specifications executed specifically and bases available.

Related substantial bases are absent

Resistance to compression and shock

Lightweight and tough, with good resistance to compression. 

  Brittle and fragile, with large bearing burden on buildings due to large deadweight


Easy and quick to install, with low installation cost 

Complicated in installation procedures, with high installation cost


High evenness, without color difference, capable of being processed into different shapes, pleasing in appearance, eco-friendly

With color difference incapable of being processed into special shapes, universally  radioactive

We offer surpassing and complete pre-sales and after-sales services, including detailed drawing
design, on-site technical support and quality follow-up service.

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