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According to the "Design and Theory of Microperforated Sound Absorption Structure“published by Academician Ma Dayou in the Journal of Acoustics in 1997, and the "Micro-perforated Plate Acoustic Potential” published in the Journal of the American Acoustical Society (JASA) in 1988. The article points out that the diameter of the perforation is further reduced, and a sound absorber with a wider sound absorption band can be obtained. I feel that the I MICRO® ultra-microporous metal sound-absorbing board is inspired by the academician Ma Dayou and is jointly developed and researched and developed by the Institute of Acoustics of Tongji University for acoustic quality improvement and sound absorption and noise reduction.

Noise exceeding 50db (A) will have a detrimental effect on people’s daily work and life. In order to solve the impact of noise on humans, it is advertised as a new product: I MICRO® Star Silent Ceiling System and I MICRO Ac® Ultra Micro Cell Silent Wall System.


 I MICRO® star mute ceiling system

1 special hole type, like the night sky star, regular point arrangement has special effects.

2 The sound absorption performance is excellent, the sound absorption peak can reach 0.9 or more, and has been applied to the aerospace noise reduction sound absorption project.

3 standard modular design, 600 *600 / 600 *1200 in line with the classic ceiling size, and most ceiling products can be seamlessly docked.


I MICRO® Ultra Micro Cell Silence Wall System

1 Surface ultra-microporous metal plate is durable, mainly uses metal perforation to absorb sound, physical properties are stable, no attenuation.

2Composite structure, combined with the micro-hole double-layer sound absorption of the back plate, the sound absorption frequency band is increased, and the sound absorption effect is excellent.

3 large block design to meet the designer’s overall performance requirements.


The scope of products

1 places with high requirements for sound absorption and aesthetics, such as theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums, banking halls, hospitals, high-grade office buildings, libraries, showrooms, lecture halls, etc.

2 places with more people, such as airport waiting hall, subway station hall, railway station hall, ship interior space and other ceiling/wallboard places.

3 There are space for clean demand, such as precision electronics workshop, pharmaceutical and biochemical product workshop, cigarette factory roll-to-roll workshop, food processing workshop and other ceiling/wallboard places.


I feel that I MICRO® will focus on the “stunning potential” of micro-perforated sound absorption, bringing people a quieter, more comfortable and healthy high-quality work and living environment.


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