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Brushed Aluminum, was produced through special treatment based on the bare aluminum, has a special effect of aluminum colors, makes the products essential and modern feelings. 

Mirror Aluminum, was anodized from the bare aluminum, has a very high glossy surface and high refection rate. Compare with the gloss materials, this product is easy for processing and make to different shapes.

As the leader of the aluminum composite panel industry, and with a profound knowledge of the market demand, Pivot keeps on researching and innovating to bring out products that have won recognition all around the world for their high quality, diversification, high technological content, and environmental protection. 
We provide our customers with qualified aluminum composite panels and with an overall professional systematic service of engineering and construction.

Product Features:
1. Weather resistance: the extra-strong weather and ultraviolet resistance and good acid and alkali resistance can stand test of severe environment. Long duration of color and gross, service life can be over 15 years, applicable temperature: -40℃-+80℃;Peeling strength exceeds that of the national standard.

2. Economical: a variety of quality coatings are applied on the product, which allows no forming of dirt on the surface and makes it self-cleaning with natural rain water, free from expenses on maintenance of high rise large buildings.

3. Ease of application:AC panels are easy to cut, crop, plough, bend into various shapes, and fully satisfies the needs in decoration and design of various moulds.

4. Fire-resistance: the outer aluminum-foil layer of the aluminum composite panel can obstruct heat transmission at the initial stage of combustion to protect the polyethylene core, the fire-resistance of which meets the national standard.

5. Light weight: the aluminum composite panel is compounded of aluminum alloy and quality plastic. Its weight is lighter than other decorative materials, so it reduces the dead load of the material for the convenience of construction and thus has considerably shortened the construction period.

6. Comparison on thickness and weight under the same rigidity

ibond compared with aluminum single plate

click to enlarge
7. Realization of design: The customers can request their own colors and shapes to get the best decorative effects. High strength.

8. Environmental protection: good oxidation, no change on the surface layer, no pollution to the environment, resistance to contamination of the extraneous acid, solvent and detergent, making it not easy for them to stick to the surface.

9. Color diversity: We offer more than 50 colors for the choice of  our customers, and we also custom special colors at the request of our customers.

10. High strength: the alclad applied on the surface has a high strength which greatly enhances the strength of aluminum composite panel and thus can ensure the function of the curtain wall on wind resistance, quakeproof, anti-seep, lightening protection and impact resistance.

11. Flatness: the flatness of aluminum composite panel satisfies the demand for high visual effect on modern architectures.

12. Wind load and permissible dimensions of the panel.

The above diagram shows the wind load and the maximum length permitted under specific panel width. (no need to set the panel length of the reinforcing rib) 
Permissible stress: 53 n/mm2 (including safe factor)
value applicable for the panel simply supported on four sides
Please inquire our professional staff for other techniques on installation system.

Raw Material Product Specifications
Base material of aluminum panel: high strength aluminum coils

PE core: non-toxic low density polyethylene

Surface coating: polyester coating and fluorocarbon coating, polyester, FEVE and nano

Thickness: 3-6mm; 4mm is recommended
Width: 1000-2000mm; 1220mm, 1250mm and 1500mm are recommended
Length: Maximum is up to 5800mm, 2440mm, 3050mm and 4050mm are recommended
Thickness of aluminum sheet: 0.3-0.5mm
   physical properties of ibond aluminum composite advertising panel
  Test items criterion result
  Unit weight
  Thermal expansion coefficient
  Heat distortion temperature ASTM D648
  Thermal conductivity
ASTM 976
  Flexure rigidity ASTM C393
  Through resistance ASTM D732
1.640 kgf
  Adhesive strength
  Shear resistance ASTM D732 2.7kgf/mm2
    Technical data sheet for ibond aluminum composite advertising panel
  Product thickness Unit 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm

Front and back weight of the aluminum panel

(mm) 0.30
(kg/m2) 2.90 3.80 4.75 6.60
  Mechanical properties of the product

Section modulus W
Rigidity of the composite panel (passion ratio: 0.3)   E.1

  Elastic modulus of the sectional         E
material of aluminum panel
Panel tensile strength
0.2% yield stress
Linear thermal expansion of the aluminum product
Thermal performance
Rp0,2: 110 - 175
2. 0mm/m (100. Ctemperature difference)
  Thermalresistance                         R
Heat transmission coefficient        V
Heat resistance temperature -50~+80

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