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Coveni®Open-frame Install System assemble various parts with specialized keel. The color of keel can be customized according to customer demand. The whole system has the advantage of convenient and fast installation, clear joint lines and display a kind of elegant and high-end image. 


Standard thickness: 4mm (6mm available)
Standard size: 2440mm*1215mm
Pattern: edge folding X108, middle keel x109  Internal corner keel X115, Exposed corner keel X116
Length: 6 meter/piece (cut upon demand)
Accessories: leveling bracket, screw, aluminum stiffener
Length modulus: 2400mm (customized size available, recommend≤3500mm)
Width modulus: 1180mm
Minimum finished thickness: 8.5mm
① inoc® ② Middle Keel X109  ③ Edge Folding X108  ④ Tapping Screw  
 ⑤ Leveling Steel Frame   ⑥ Bracket   ⑦ Wall


◆ System Accessory

◆ Application

Project: Cadillac Office Building
Area: interior wall
The whole structure is very clear-cut and high-end. The installation is very convenient and can save construction time about 50%. The system is very stable and has good impact resistance.

Project: Russia Airport
Area: Corridor
The whole project is very elegant and natural. The panel has good impact resistance and the installation is modularized and very easy, which makes the cost much lower and construction time shorter. 


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