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Coveni®Open-joint Install System assemble various parts with specialized keel and leave the joint exposed between panels. The whole system shows good taste and the installation is very convenient.


Standard thickness: 4mm (6mm available)
Standard size: 2440mm*1215mm
Pattern: edge folding X001, middle keel x025
Length: 6 meter/piece (cut upon demand)
Accessories: leveling bracket, screw, aluminum stiffener
Length modulus: 2400mm (customized size available, recommend≤3500mm)
Width modulus: 1180mm
Minimum finished thickness: 24mm

① inoc®  ② Middle Keel X025  ③ Edge Folding X001  ④ Tapping Screw

⑤ Leveling Steel Frame  ⑥ Bracket  ⑦ Wall


◆ System Accessory

Remark: if use 6mm inoc®, X110 as edge folding keel, X112 as middle keel.


◆ Application

Project: Hailan Fortune Center
Area: 5A class office building
The installation is very convenient and has very rich color option. The joint between panels are very flat and show clear lines. This product meets with the national fire-proof standard can reach A level fire-rating.
Project: Japan Kitasato University hospital
Area: interior wall
The panel is processing very easily. The whole project meets the requirement of hospital for cleanness.
This product is certified by the national fire testing of A class, is safe enough in case of fire situation. This product meets with the national fire-proof standard can reach A level fire-rating. 

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