Binzhou Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute

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Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute is an international scientific and technological innovation service platform built by Binzhou Municipal Government. Our company participated in the construction. Several major products such as Decobond® film laminated metal composite panel, i-Celing® film laminated metal composite ceiling, FORMLES ® wooden door, i-Bond® wood grain aluminum Sheet, etc. were selected for the interior decoration of the project.






Project: Binzhou Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute

Architect: Shenzhen Zhongzhuang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Product: Decobond®i-Ceiling®i-Bond®Formless®

Application area12000+



The FORMLES  ® wooden door series is a new product launched by PIVOT in 2020. Compared with traditional ordinary wooden doors, it has the advantages of paint-free environmental protection, wear resistance and durability, structural sound insulation, and locks. The seven characteristics of sound insulation, realistic texture, and multiple colors, especially in terms of sound insulation. the sound insulation effect of FORMLES® wooden doors can reach up to 36db. After this large-scale application in Binzhou Advanced Technology Research Institute, FORMLES® will become a more mature product that meets customer requirements.


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