Walk Gentle into That Forest Store

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Originally a Thai supermarket, Foodland has continued to expand in Australia, Canada and the United States. Since its establishment in Hawaii in 1948, after 70 years of dedicated service, Foodland has become the largest local supermarket chain brand, with 33 stores in Hawaii alone. Foodland stands for high quality and complete customer orientation and commitment, committed to providing customers with the best quality products.

Both of these two large stores are designed and constructed by Schweizer Project AG. It is advertised that this time we have conducted in-depth exploration with Schweizer Project AG on the application of wood grain elements in large stores. Our brands, Decobond ® and i-Ceiling®, have been innovatively applied in supermarkets. Condole top, metope, product tags, bar, shelves, and so on element is filled with wood grain, wood grain elements weakened the commercial breath, create more affinity supermarket atmosphere, it is widely used reflects the large foreign trader super on the design trends, believe that there will be more and more world famous large business super wood elements will be incorporated into their account.

ProjectFoodland Pearl City


ArchitectSchweizer Project AG


ColorBF4072Pantone 356Cv

ProjectSpinneys Meydan

Location: Dubai

ArchitectSchweizer Project AG




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